What's a "Mape"?

I was recently at a birthday party in Dublin at Mape Memorial Park. I asked everyone “what’s a mape?” No one knew. After careful research I have figured it out. A “MAPE” IS A GREAT AMERICAN.

Commander John “Jack” Clement Mape USN, was Dublin’s first casualty of the Vietnam War. A 40-year old father of seven, Mape lived in Dublin and was stationed in Alameda. He was assigned to Squadron VA-52 of the USS TICONDEROGA in September 1965. As a Commander, Mape led the VA-52 on a mission over Hanoi. On that day, April 13, 1966, his plane was hit by a SAM missle. There were no survivors. Jack Mape was a true American hero, and one of Dublin’s finest.

I wish there were more Mapes in the world.