The Day Before

0151 – Full Lunar Eclipse

1630 – 4.5 Earthquake, and contractions start
1830 – Tina and I met at the hospital after her contractions started. I drove down from the city and my parents drove her in from SRV.

2100 – Dr. Liu decided to keep us overnight

2130 – we ate dinner and said our goodbyes to Emma

2230 – the contractions were still 3 minutes apart and we settled in for the night

Sending MMS with the iPhone

It is very inconvenient for me to have to share my pictures via email, because most of my recipients are on Sprint Treos. I have found that if I send an email to, this will actually send a picture share to their phone. I still connect receive MMS messages but at least it is half of the solution.

Things Apple cut from rev1 of the iPhone

  • copy and paste – this one is almost unbelievable
  • text select tool – the magnifying glass for moving the cursor is awesome…but how about some simple functionality?
  • contextual menus – i need more options for text editing
  • rotate in all apps – i should be able to at least rotate in the built-in apps
  • keyboard selector – sometimes based on fields I am browsing in safari I need different keyboards but I have to deal with the ones that the iphone gives me
  • save attachments to the phone, i.e. pictures in an email
  • MMS/Picture Share

Giants Lose, Andy Wins

andy, originally uploaded by ahalvor.

The home opener was good, but my seats were better. Thanks to Juniper Networks for making this opening day the best ever.

Using the Nikon D80

What an awesome camera. I have had the D80 for about 2 weeks, and I am loving it. I returned the D40 I bought before christmas and went for the D80 because the amount of lenses available for it. The picture quality is amazing. I am having to learn more about setting the shots because 10MP is very unforgiving, but when I get it right it is awesome.