• 3 cups 100 proof vodka (the higher quality, the smoother your ’cello will be)
  • 1 cup 190 proof Everclear
  • 12-18 lemons (the more lemons you use, the stronger your lemon flavor will be)
  • 2 cups white sugarYield About two and a half 750 ml bottles.


Get the most from your lemons

1. Pour the vodka and Everclear into a large mason jar.

2. Using a very sharp vegetable peeler, remove the peels of your lemons. Take care to avoid any pith on your peels. The thinner your peels, the better. (You can remove any piths from your peels using a small spoon or paring knife.)

3. Add the peels to the alcohol mixture, and make sure they are fully submerged. Seal and allow to sit in a cool place for at least five days and up to a month. The longer you let this mixture sit, the stronger the lemon flavor will be.

Making the simple syrup

1.  In a saucepan over medium heat, simmer equal parts sugar and water (2 cups each).

2. Allow the mixture to simmer for an additional five to eight minutes and let cool.

3. Seal in a glass container and store.

Straining your solution

1. Once your alcohol and lemon peel mixture has sat for at least five days, remove the lemon peels by straining them through cheesecloth and a conical sieve, and save the solution.

2. Keep the lemon peels in the cheesecloth and use your hands to squeeze any excess liquid from the peels.

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