Kingsburg Ideas

Swedish Mill, Kingsburg, CA – what a horrible tragedy.  The sons of the original owners sold this place to some outsiders.  They ruined it.  The sons tried to buy it back, but it was too late. Then a Chinese restaurant moved in to the great hall that was once fit for viking kings.  In a last ditch desperation attempt a mobile DJ bought for hosting events.  However, all he ended up doing was throwing away the hand-crafted wooden chandeliers and painting the giant wooden beams white.  This is the most depressing blog post I have ever written.  RIP Kingsburg, you have fallen short in acheiving your mission statement:

Mission Statement: To provide for the public welfare, health, and safety; preserve the tradition, opportunity, charm, and the heritage of the City, and promote the highest standards and values.

  1. Swedish Inn – ha!  It’s a Quality Inn,
  2. Swedish Mill – CLOSED
  3. Dala Horse cafe before 11 am – who cares
  4. Big Orange roadside drive ins up Highway 99 – never made it
  5. mooneys grove – drug dealer infested park
  6. Jonathan’s (559) 897-4842 1335 Draper St – never made it
  7. Diane’s Village Bakery & Cafe 1332 Draper St # H Kingsburg CA (559) 897-7460 – never made it
  8. we went to disneyland instead.  I am saddened by the state of Kingsburg, we may make it out for the festival next year…