Ferraris Cucina Italiana – Danville, CA

The best Italian food in the San Francisco Bay Area is in Blackhawk?!?

2 words. Chicken Parmi-OHMYGIANA!!!! 

The BEST Chicken Parmigiana this side of the Vatican.

Here’s a breakdown of our experience:

1) Greeted at the door by the staff. 
2) Given an accurate timeframe of the wait
3) Celine our fun and bubbly waitress was full of fun fun fun
4) Those huge Prawns and the sauce they are swimming in are an excellent appetizer!
5) The Luigi Meatball sammie is out of this world…although I would imagine you could put those meatballs on a shingle and it would still be amazing!
6) The Chicken Parmigiana. Most amazing italian dish ever served anywhere. Period. Westlake Joe’s who? Banchero’s who? How do you get the chicken to taste like that AND keep the breading so crisp?!? Black Magic?!?

If you get one dessert get the Tiramisu cake…but if you get one dessert you are an idiot. The Affogato with the hazelnut ice cream and ILLY espresso is such a ridiculous way to end the meal, don’t pass that up either.

Now one would think with all the chef’s success that he would start charging huge for his popular food, right?  Well evidently Chef Rodney is not a very shrewd business man because on the night we were there he was serving specials and one such special is a bottle of Justin Cab for $30. It paired perfectly with the Luigi, don’t judge me.

Bottom line: Great atmosphere, great food, great prices, great wait staff. 

After 25 years the Plaza has finally found an identity it can bank on!!!

Ferraris Cucina Italiana – Danville, CA.