Bake and Grill Loin Back Ribs

This recipe will produce the best ribs with any cut of ribs, but I especially like it as a smoking alternative for pork loin back ribs. The key to success for this recipe is the pan of water in the oven. I use a turkey sized roasting pan and fill it with water, then place it under the ribs to catch any leaks and provide extra moisture.

I season the ribs the night before with cumin, paprika, ground red pepper, chile powder and put them in plastic wrap or ziploc bags (do not wrap them in foil at this point).

The day of take them out and let them come to room temperature while wrapping them in foil. Fill the roaster pan part of the way with water and preheat the oven to 280ยบ. Place the foil wrpapped ribs on a rack above the roaster with water. Let it be for 2 hours per 4 lbs of ribs.

Once it reaches 140 the food borne illnesses are dead and you can finish to whatever degree you like. I prefer 145, but others prefer 160. Remember to rest it and the meat will rise another 7-9 degrees.

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